Woodhaven Country Lodge

Discover why guests from around the world have been visiting us for over twenty-five years.

Relax in your private seaside accommodations
Dogs are always welcome and we have on-site grooming
We're only a 15 minute drive from St. Andrews
Experience all the local attractions

From Lakehurst, Ontario...

Woodhaven Country Lodge originally opened its doors on the shores of Sandy Lake in Lakehurst, Ontario. From the very beginning, owners David and Michael wanted to create a place where anyone could escape to nature (including their furry four-legged companions), and enjoy local amenities with B&B hospitality. The trillium-filled spring forest, summer swimming, autumn colours, and winter tobogganing and skating made it a wonderful year-round destination for guests and a great place to raise a family.

...to Oak Bay, New Brunswick

With seven suites, the original Woodhaven accommodated hundreds of guests each year, many of them returning year after year. However, with their children grown, David and Michael found the 8,000 square foot lodge too much to manage. So, after more than twenty-five years they decided it was time to look for a smaller place. After an extensive search, they found the perfect place to continue Woodhaven's legacy on the shores of Oak Bay, New Brunswick. The peaceful rural setting, Maritime hospitality, salt air, and fantastic sunsets made relocating a no brainer.

Our brand new suites are ready

With two brand new suites, Woodhaven has once again opened its doors. You can stroll along the shore, or relax on your deck overlooking the water. You can still enjoy the comforts of home with amenities like free Wi-Fi and satellite-dish TV.

Don't forget the kids and dogs!

Don't forget to bring the kids and dogs! Unless you're looking for a break from them, children and dogs are always welcome at Woodhaven. In fact, they love it here. No matter what season it is, there's always something for the kids to do and the dogs to get in to.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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