LGBTQ Friendly Accommodations


As Canada's first gay couple to officially co-adopt children in 2000, a massive victory of twenty years in the making, Woodhaven Country Lodge owners, David and Michael, are strong advocates of the LGBTQ community. They understand first hand the importance of acceptance and equality. For almost twenty years, Woodhaven has been a destination for relaxation, void of any judgement or harassment for lifestyle.  

Guests can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, enjoying all of the amenities the Lodge has to offer, in a family friendly atmosphere, regardless of orientation. People seeking a stay at Woodhaven have a common goal- to get close to nature and rejuvenate with friends and family. All judgement is checked at the door along with the bags.

With six suites, a guest house and a cottage, Woodhaven Country Lodge accommodates up to 26 people and is pet friendly (encouraged, in fact). While there are fenced yards, four legged family members are welcome most anywhere their humans are and can often be found soaking up their own style of relaxation, whether it be on a couch, chair or anywhere else they set their furry sights on. 


Equipped with WiFi, a library, billiards room, swim spa, fireplaces in select suites, delicious meals are also offered and a short stroll down the hillside leads to a peaceful dock and beach to fully enjoy the getaway vibe.

The library holds a vast array of historical gay literature, with the collection having been started by Nick DiCicco, David's first husband, who was completing his philosophy doctorate at Yale. Nick started gathering historical literature while befriending writer/activist Dr John Boswell, world renowned theologians/authors Henri Nouwen and Tom Harpur. Nick passed away of AIDS in 1995. The collection signifies the years of the LGBTQ community's struggle to claim freedom, acceptance and inclusion....all of which are the backbone of Woodhaven.

In addition to hosting the LGBTQ community, Woodhaven opens its doors for all.  The Lodge has offered respite holidays for caregivers and patients living with HIV/AIDS and Alzheimers. There is an annual Christmas retreat the couple personally funds for mothers and children from local women’s shelters, so the kids can escape to a "normal" holiday celebration, if only for a few days. Woodhaven's latest humanitarian efforts provide free mini-vacations to new Canadians who have arrived as refugees from the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian crisis.  Quite simply, David and Michael subscribe to the powerful adage, “To whom much is given, much is expected”. With their many blessings including family, health, friendships and love, they feel extremely blessed to have the means to help others.

For all inquiries please contact David by calling  1-866-416-9663 or reach out online.