Local Vacation Getaways for Cash Conscious Snow Birds

Many Canadians are opting to travel and vacation locally recently. There are several reasons for this trend in domestic travel. One of the most prevalent is the falling value of the Canadian dollar. Currently, one Canadian Dollar is equivalent to 1.38 U.S. dollars, which means traveling to the United States is more costly than ever before. This motivates many Canadians, of all ages, to stay local and reinvest in their own economy. Also, remaining local means their dollar will go further than in would with a U.S. vacation.

The fact is, traveling locally can help save a significant amount of money, especially for seniors who may be traveling for the first time without their children or other companions. Also, there are more than a few exciting destinations right in the Canadian countryside to explore that many may have never even thought about before.

Seniors often find it challenging to get from place to place when they are in an unfamiliar area; however, traveling locally, means they can become familiar with the train and public transportation system, or even drive in their own car. This not only makes the vacation easier, it will also be more relaxing.

Number of Canadians Traveling Locally

During the second quarter of 2015 the total number of domestic trips increased by 2.1 percent in Canada compared to the same quarter in the previous year. This put the number of local travellers at 81.3 million. The amount these local travellers spend during their vacation also increased by 2.4 percent, to reach $11.6 billion.

This increase in spending is the result of not having to pay the international fees to go to another country, as well as maximizing the value of the Canadian dollar, which is not possible if a Canadian were to travel to the United States.

These numbers are likely going to continue to rise as more and more Canadians are realizing the value offered by local travel. There are quite a few benefits offered by this option, with some of these advantages being highlighted here.

Benefits of Traveling Locally

There are a number of benefits when vacationers stay local. A huge advantage is not having to worry about the language barrier. One of the biggest challenges of international travel is communicating with people in the country. This impacts the entire trip, from hotel reservations to car rentals and even exploring the city.

Another benefit of traveling locally is the money that can be saved. Traveling in the same country reduces the need to spend excessive amounts of money on gas, tickets, parking at airports, acquiring passports, travel and medical insurance and more. All of these factors typically suck money away from a vacation budget. If they are eliminated, then the traveler can spend money on fun mementos of the trip or use it to do even more than they could in the past.

When vacationers decide to remain in Canada, they are not only able to enjoy all the attractions and wonders in their own country, but they will also be keeping their money local, spending with local businesses and helping to strengthen the economy. It also means that a vacationer will know where they should – and should not – travel to, due to the type of people in the area and the average amount of crime that occurs.

Places To Visit In Ontario

Many people don’t realize that in Ontario alone, there are more than 250,000 lakes and over 90 wineries that offer award-winning vintages. If this isn’t enough to wet the appetite, 10 more Ontario destinations are found here. These are definitely must-see destinations that will be well-worth staying locally and visiting.

1.    The CN Tower: The tallest building in all of Canada, visitors can ride the elevator and strap into their harness to walk the perimeter of the tower and receive a panoramic view of their surroundings. This is a unique experience that allows visitors to capture breathtaking views.

2.    Niagara Falls: Each day more than 168,000 cubic meters of water fall over the rocky brink. Visitors can stand on the bridge over the falls, or opt for a more up-close-and-personal view. This is possible by taking a trip behind the falls or viewing it from above by booking a helicopter tour.

3.    Ottawa’s National Gallery: See the unique and vibrant approach to art offered by Canadians. Sculptures, paintings, and other original pieces are found in this gallery.

4.    Fort William: Take a trip into the past and see the inland fur trade headquarters from the 1800s first-hand. There are guided tours here, or visitors can go at their own pace.

5.    Stratford Shakespeare Festival: See world-class performances here by award-winning actors and actresses.

6.    Cruise down the St. Lawrence River and search for romantic castles and sunken artifacts among the 1,000 islands which are tucked away and left untouched by man.

7.    Experience the Aboriginal culture at the Great Spirit Circle Trail.

8.    Casa Loma is the only castle in Toronto and may have never actually housed royalty, but is certainly grand.

9.    Blue Mountain is the premier destination in Ontario for snowboarding and skiing. Bordered by several resorts, visitors can indulge in the entire spa and resort experience here.

10.    BXI: For those who love cycling, this is a must-visit. This automated bike trading post allows visitors to easily take a leisurely bike tour around the area.

11. Cottage Country!  From Algonquin Park to the Kawarthas, there are endless amazing places to pitch a tent, portage into, pull a trailer up or rent a cabin in!  A simple Google search will present you with plenty of options depending on what type of experience you're seeking and in what region.

Traveling locally has quite a few benefits, and as anyone can see, there are more than a few things to do in the area. There is no reason to risk busting a budget by traveling internationally when Canadians can stay at home and enjoy amazing sites in their local community. As illustrated earlier, there are more than a few benefits of traveling locally including saving money and understanding the culture, language and how to get around in the area. This makes traveling local less stressful than going to another country.